How to make delicious lychee tea in 5 minutes

Peach peach tea is a suitable drink for replenishing energy and cooling in hot summer days like today.

How to make delicious lychee peach tea to cool down on summer days

Today, OWLTRICK.COM introduces to readers how to make the drink “Delicious peach tea with lychee fruit to cool down for summer days”. Here are the details on how to do it, please refer to it.

Prepare materials:

Lipton peach tea1 package
Fresh lychee6 fruit
Boiled water200 ml
Icea little
Ingredients for making lychee peach tea

How to make Lychee Peach Tea

Step 1: Make tea

Put 1 packet of lipton peach tea in a cup. Then add 200ml of boiling water and stir until the tea is completely dissolved, then let it cool.

Peach peach tea - b1

Step 2: Preliminary processing of lychee fruit

After buying lychee, you peel off the skin. Then use a knife to carefully remove the seeds and keep the pulp. Next, you use your hands to shred 4 through the fabric. Just peeled, keep 2 lychees intact.

Peach peach tea - b2

Step 3: Finish

Wait for the cup of peach tea to cool, add the shredded lychee and stir well. Then, you add ice to make the glass of water even cooler and more delicious.

For the remaining 2 lychees, use a toothpick to skewer them and place them on the glass to decorate them beautifully.

Finish the tea + lychee

Final result

Peach peach tea has an eye-catching brown-orange color and attractive aroma typical of peach tea and lychee.

This is a drink with sweet and sour peach tea flavor combined with the cool sweetness of lychee.

This cool lychee peach tea will be extremely suitable for cooling off on hot summer days.

Final result

Frequently asked questions

Where to buy lychee?

You can buy it at the market or supermarket

Can I use another tea?

Okay, you can use lemon tea, or green tea…

How to preserve it?

Peach peach tea, after done. You don’t need to discard the ice cubes. It can be stored in the refrigerator for longer use.

Above are 3 simple steps to make the “Homemade Peach Peach Tea” drink. Hope you will make a delicious drink for all to enjoy.

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