How to dry shoes at home when it rains

Some ways of drying shoes at home: use rice, newspaper, table salt, dryer, electric fan. Will help dry shoes quickly in the rainy season.

Top #5 How to dry shoes

Erratic rainy and sunny weather makes our clothes and utensils susceptible to mold. Especially footwear, regularly wearing wet shoes will cause shoes to smell unpleasant and quickly break down. Today OwlTrick.Com will show you tips to help our dear shoes dry quickly in this sudden weather.

1. Use rice to dry shoes

Rice has the ability to absorb water and absorb moisture very well. You just need to put wet shoes in the rice container and close the lid, two hours later your shoes will be significantly overcome the dampness.

drying shoes with rice

This is a simple trick that is easy to do and especially does not take much time, however its disadvantage is that you have to use quite a lot of brushes to dry shoes faster. So, consider before applying this method of making shoes to get the best effect.

2. Newspapers

Newspapers are used by many people to dry shoes quickly because of the effective effect it brings.

The way to do it is very simple:

  1. You just need to round up the newspaper, fill it in the soles of your shoes.
  2. Then, put your shoes in a cool place after 20-30 minutes.
    You can remove them and let your shoes dry naturally, for added effect, you can wrap newspapers around the shoes again.
Drying shoes with newspaper

Note: But be aware that you should avoid taking newspapers with lots of large-format text, images, and bold. Since it will be easy to absorb ink into light-colored shoes, the newspaper will absorb moisture and help the shoes dry quickly again.

3. Use salt

Salt granules are very cheap, table salt can be used, refined salt is available in the kitchen to use as shoe gauge.

Dry shoes with salt

How to use salt to dry shoes is as follows:

  1. You roast a handful of salt on a pan until the salt heats up, taking care not to let the salt burn yellow and burn.
  2. Moving on, put the roasted salt in two small bags and two clean socks, placing each bag on one side of the shoe.
  3. After 1-2 hours, check the dryness of the shoes and continue to place the salt bag until the shoes are completely dry.

This tip is less expensive and easy to implement, but this is a laborious way because it takes many times to bring results.

4. Using a dryer

Hair dryers are often used in drying objects as they are items that are usually available in every home and are easy to do.

The way to do it is very simple, we will dry from the inside until it dries and then start drying outside . It is recommended to place the dryer about 20-30cm away from the shoes so that the heat can be evenly released.

Drying shoes with a hair dryer

A minus point of this method is that it is quite power-hungry. In addition it is only suitable for thin, low-foam canvas shoes.

5. Blower

It was raining so hard to find a cool place to dry your shoes. Therefore, using a blower to dry your shoes is a lifesaver for you.

drying shoes with a blower

How to use an electric fan to dry shoes is quite simple:

  1. You tie your shoes to either end of the clothes hanger.
  2. Next hook the shoe to the fan so that the inside of the shoe faces the propeller.
  3. Finally, turn on the fan at the highest level until the shoes are dry.

The breeze of the fan will help your shoes dry quickly.

Above are 5 ways to dry shoes quickly at home in the rainy season. The content of the article is OwlTrick.Com synthesized and compiled. Hopefully, through this article, you will find 1 way to dry your shoes effectively!

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