6 ways to help dogs and cats not lose their hair

Ways to prevent dogs and cats from shedding are: food, hair flow every day, proper bathing, prevention of parasitic and fungal diseases.

dogs and cats with hair loss

In this article, OwlTrick.Com will join you to find out why dogs and cats lose their hair? As well as tips to help limit hair loss in dogs and cats. Please refer to how to do it!

1. What causes dogs and cats to lose their hair

  • Lack of nutrients: Poor diet, lack of nutrients such as protein, fat (omega 3), fiber, vitamins and minerals are the reasons why pet hair not only falls out but also fibrous.
  • Do not brush regularly
  • Bathing too much or too little
  • Due to internal/ external infections of parasites, fungi, bacteria …
  • Pets with stress or depression
  • Because babies are lazy or drink little water
  • Due to genes (congenital)
  • Due to hot and humid weather with a lot of rain, erratic changes
  • To estrus in males and infants in females

2. Tips to help limit dogs and cats from losing their hair

2.1 Choose the right diet

– Gradually increase the amount of nutrients in daily meals. Do not suddenly increase too many substances because it can cause dogs and cats to have digestive problems such as bloating, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea …

food help dog and cat shedding

– Limit eating a lot of starch because it will cause hair to fade

– Feed more nutritional gels, vitamins. Some reference products such as: Megaderm, GimCat, GimDog …

– Can give a little fish oil, flax oil, coconut oil … into the diet. Especially if used properly coconut oil also helps prevent flea bites and many other skin problems.

– Drink meat broth (not seasoned) to stimulate babies to drink more water.

– Feeding pate or wet foods – water rate up to 78%

2.2 Brush them every day

– Not only limiting hair loss but maintaining the habit of brushing every day also helps:

– Initiation of blood circulation

– Early detection of skin problems, fleas

– Strengthen affection, connection

grooming help dog and cat shedding

2.3 Proper bathing

Poor hygiene not only affects the skin and fur, but also the general health of the baby and yourself. If you are too busy, you should also take your baby to pet spas every 1 month.

– Bathing too much will cause the natural oil layer on the skin to disappear. The drier the skin and the more severe the shedding.

proper bathing help dog and cat hair

=> In general, only need to bathe 2-3 times / month with dogs, 1 time / month with cats. After bathing, dry your hair to ensure that there is no moisture on the skin – avoid causing itching, fungus, scabies. When it is too cold, you use a damp cloth many times, apply balm and dry it to help the baby clean and fragrant.

2.4 Prevention of parasitic, fungal and bacterial diseases

– Adhere to the routine vaccination and deworming schedule

– Feed cooked, drink filtered water. Daily cleaning bowls, eating

– Clean the living area, sleep regularly

– Maintain and train your baby in clean living habits

vaccination against dogs and cats help dog and cat hair

2.5 Use the right type of comb

Each breed of dog and cat will have a different coat length, so choosing the right type will help you effectively remove dead hair, tangled fibrous hair (if any).

cat grooming comb help dog and cat hair

2.6 Pay more attention to them

Regularly cuddle, caress as well as play, go for a walk. These activities not only strengthen the connection but also help prevent stress and depression in pets.

Play helps limit dogs and cats from shedding

The above are some of the reasons why dogs and cats lose a lot of hair. And 6 effective tips to help limit this situation. Content is compiled and compiled by OwlTrick.Com. If you find it helpful or want to share your experience, leave a comment!

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