#10 how to treat dog ticks at the root, safe for pets at home

Fast, effective and safe ways to treat dog ticks for pets. Use orange and lemon peels; camphor; essential oil; vinegar; shower gel or dog tick killers

How to effectively treat dog ticks

Dog ticks are a concern of most pet owners such as dogs and cats. They will parasitize the pet’s body and if not detected, early treatment will affect the pet’s health. OwlTrick.Com would like to share with you #10 ways to treat dog ticks safely and at home in the article below.

1. How to treat dog ticks with orange peel, lemon

Orange and lemon peels are an effective folk dog tick treatment that not everyone knows about.

Essential oils contained in orange and lemon peels have antibacterial effects, therefore such tiny creatures as dog ticks will definitely not tolerate this antibacterial.

treat dog ticks with orange peel

So just hearing the aroma of oranges and lemons also makes those dog ticks terrified.

You can bathe your dog with water cooked with orange peel, lemon to remove dog ticks that adhere tightly under the skin and also other bacteria on the dog’s coat.

In addition, you cook boiling water and soak the peels of oranges and lemons for some time. Then you put that solution in a spray bottle and use it as a “perfume”.

You need to spray regularly on the pet’s body so that the pet always smells fresh and clean. This will drive dog ticks away from the pet’s body, as they prefer only unclean “hosts”.

2. How to treat dog ticks with camphor

Camphor, also known as mothballs, is specialized in deodorizing. However, camphor is also a powerful weapon to help scare away insects that are widely spread. You can also use camphor as an effective and safe treatment for dog ticks at home.

First, you put camphor in water to dissolve, and put the solution in a spray bottle. Then you spray directly on the dog’s body and bathe again with clean water. And, you should spray around your home space, dog cages, and the places dogs frequent in the house.

3. Use of medicine for dog ticks

Today, medicine has evolved and there are many effective dog tick medicines on the market. Dog tick drugs are now available in the form of sprays, injections and oral administrations. You will easily find these drugs at any pet store.

dog tick medicine

In terms of spray, you simply spray on the dog’s hair and apply it under the dog’s hair, the medicine will soak into the sebaceous glands and then disperse throughout the dog’s body. The drug will be stored under the dog’s fat layer and maintain protection of the dog’s body from dog ticks.

Many drugs work against dog ticks for a long time, and this is an effective treatment for dog ticks and ensures the safety of your pet.

4. Use dog tick shower gel

Dog ticks do not naturally cling to the dog’s body. Dog ticks are a parasite so they will be looking for a host to cling to. A dog that is not well washed and frequents dirty places will be very susceptible to dog ticks.

Dog tick shower gel

You should bathe your pet with specialized dog tick shower gels to improve resistance and protect your pet from the risk of dog tick attacks.

5. Treat dog ticks with essential oils

The aroma from essential oils is also a way to treat dog ticks worth paying attention to. Use essential oils from geranium, melaleuca essential oil, grapefruit essential oil,… spray on the dog’s body especially around the area where the dog’s bed, carpet. The aroma from essential oils will scare away dog ticks away from your beloved dog.

treat dog ticks with essential oils

In addition, another root dog tick treatment that you can apply with essential oils. You prepare an essential oil scented bag and put it on the dog’s collar, the aroma from the essential oil bag will be a threat to the dog ticks.

Make them dare not approach your pet. At the same time, the aromas from essential oils can help the pet’s spirit to be comfortable.

6. Apple cider vinegar helps treat dog ticks

Apple cider vinegar is a name that is often mentioned to make extremely useful tips such as treating mouth heat. So it would not be strange if we use apple cider vinegar to treat dog ticks extremely useful. Apple cider vinegar has acidic properties, which is the substance that dog ticks have to flee when they hear the name.

treat dog ticks with apple cider vinegar

You can make a spray solution from apple cider vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:1 and add a little white salt. On a side note, there are some types of dogs and cats that are allergic to apple cider vinegar, then you can modify the ratio of 1:3 apple cider vinegar to water.

Besides, apple cider vinegar also works to promote the health of dogs, when keeping a healthy pH. Dogs regularly enjoy food with table vinegar that can help make skin and coat healthier.

This will prevent the development of dog ticks. In addition, apple cider vinegar is also very effective for the dog’s digestive system.

7. How to treat dog ticks thoroughly with salt

Dogs bitten by ticks, you can use diluted saline to wash the wounds of the places bitten by ticks to disinfect the skin and help heal quickly.

treat dog ticks with salt

You can also use refined salt to sprinkle in areas where many ticks appear, highly antiseptic salt will make the tick weaken and leave the host. In addition, mix diluted salt water to mix for dogs to bathe, it is also a way to drive ticks and fleas from pets right at home.

8. Treat dog ticks at home with welding the

It’s also a good way to get ticks out of your family’s pets. Puree and rub on all the dog and cat hair for about 5 minutes and then bathe them clean. This treatment for ticks and fleas is simple but extremely effective because they are very afraid of smells and sticky by welding.

You should do it about 2-3 times a week, after a while the pet will be free of ticks and fleas parasitizing the body.

treating dog ticks with welding the

9. Catching dog ticks with tweezers

The simple but also difficult way to treat dog ticks is that you can use tweezers. The things you need to prepare are 1 pair of tweezers, 1 antiseptic jar, 1 vial of 90-degree alcohol and do not forget about gloves.
First, you need to determine the location of dog ticks on the dog’s body. You need to pay attention to places such as around the ear area, between the toes, around the anal area, eyelids, tail or between the groin … This is the ideal hiding place for dog ticks.

catching dog ticks with tweezers

Next, your friend uses tweezers to remove the dog tick gently. But you should be careful to avoid picking up the dog’s legs because it can break the leg and the head of the dog tick is still attached deep into the dog’s skin.

Finally, you should apply a little antiseptic so that dog ticks often bite causing red swelling and damage to the dog’s skin.

10. How to effectively prevent dog ticks at home

You should clean up these areas is the fastest way to treat dog ticks at home.

If you are raising a dog with dense coat, you should trim the coat periodically to detect parasitic dog ticks in time.

It is very likely that your pet is infected by its friends. Dog ticks jump very far, so when you let your dog come into contact with other dogs. Dog ticks will have the ability to transfer new owners.

You should bathe your pet with specialized dog tick shower gels to improve resistance and protect your pet from the risk of dog tick attacks.

Article 10 ways to treat dog ticks at home! So from now on you will not have to fear the dog ticks raging and tormenting your pet anymore. Share this secret with your loved ones. So that they can “save” their pets!

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